Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome to Reboot Your Brain

Thank you for visiting. Please use this blog to let me know your experiences with the Reboot Your Brain Process. Your comments will help me plan new products and make the currrent ones even better (as if that was possible :-)).

The reaction to these simple yet powerful processes has been phenomenal. In just a few days since launching our website we have experienced over 30,000 downloads.

Prior to launching the products online I "experiemented" rebooting the brains of my patient and generous friends who agreed to test the process for me.

Some of these friends are left-brained scientifically minded people, sceptical even of their own scientfic findings. Yet not one tester came back to me with a "no result" finding.

I believe this process to be one of the greatest self-help tool available today.

Thank you



  1. I love it! It works better than valium :-)

    What is the sound track in level 3? It's haunting.

    No charge... How come?


  2. LOL, Hi Al, thank you for your comment. Remember that this process is not supposed to replace medication! Please do not stop using your medication.

    The sound in level 3 is "First Manifestation" from Mitchell Gibson. Visit http://www.rebootyourbrain.com.au for more information. This sound track is truly out of this world. It has made Level 3 a very powerful process. I use it every day and I always get new insights.

    It's free because I was inspired to offer it for free. I have nothing against money--money is energy and can be used for good or for destructive purposes.

    This process was truly "given" to me doring a meditation. The feeling was that whoever sent it to me wanted as many people as possible to receive it--and so there it is.

    Please do not forget to take your medication LOL

    All the best


  3. Hello Alex,

    Thank You for share with all of us that amazing and healing experience. I experiemented Reboot Your Brain Level One and I'm feeling great!

    I'll try the next levels too, that's for sure.

    I like the way you created all techniques simple and effective. The well being feeling is something unbelievable after I done.

    I'm also participating at Chant for World Peace and I have to congratulate You for that too is possible to feel that reverberation in the universe.

    Thank You Again,

    Kind Regards,

  4. Hi Vivian,

    Thank you for the comments.

    I truly believe in this process and I use it everyday. The reboot your brain process is also going to be a prerequisite for the Healer Course I am working on. More details http://www.healings.org.au

  5. Dear Alex, First, thank you for your free and generous offerings to help humanity. You are unique!! I appreciate your efforts.

    I started out trying ho-oponopono (on your site)then the reboot 1,2 and 3. I purchased Gibson's Miracle prayer and Words of Power - Prosperity and use the Brain Wave Vibration technique you show on the videos with his cds and it is amazingly helpful for instant happiness and clearings of negative emotions.

    It seems the more one uses the combination, the better one feels. Quite amazing.

    I have a more positive outlook on normal daily issues and seem to be less affected by the bombardment of the recession news and it's affects.

    Perhaps you can add some helpful phrases to use for those who are not as creative with what to say during the BWV mantras. For example... "I let go. I allow/let joyous unlimited prosperity in. thank you... it is given." Or... "I release and heal all origins past to present of fears, lack and scarcity." (Prosperity can for health, happiness, wealth... etc.)

    Positive influences/events are showing up daily using these techniques as the "resistance" is released. Of course I express gratitude as they come into my experience!

    in appreciation and
    Namaste, Bonnie

  6. Hi Bonnie,

    I am glad you are finding the processes helpful. I use them every day and they are constant source of inspiration and alignment.

    You have given me an idea about publishing a "guide to mantras" and it is now in the "to do" list.

    Meanwhile, if you have some ideas about what mantras may be useful for others please send them to me and I will publish them on website.

    Use this blog to send me the mantras you would like to see published so that visitors to this blog may enjoy them.

    Mantras are very personal things since they carry personalised energies--but reading other people's mantras will definitely inspire others--especially when they come from such a vibrant and positive being like yourself!

    Have a lovely day


  7. hello alex or "'omshanti"" as we BK's would say. I am a BK monk living in sydney area.

    That was a nice brain booster. level 1 i tried. my affirmation was "i am powerful, and i transcend everything".

    i really enjoyed your rajyoga meditation commentary as well. Rajyoga gives me daily peace and spiritual understanding and connection.

    I am always open to these kinds of things and am involved in Reiki as well.


    (BK) nihal.

  8. plz bear in mind i only did the first level on 'easy' mode. i didn't move my head nearly as fast as the model bronwyn did as i got a bit dizzy. this is probably normal in the beginning.

    good vids!

  9. Dear (BK) nihal.

    Om Shanti,

    To correct that all you have to do is breathe more--that will fix it! Breathing and the lack of it is generally the cause for getting dizzy.

    It is wonderful how everyone alter the head movements instinctively! Some move it even faster than Bronwyn does and others hardly move it at all at the beginning.

    In case of people with injuries or challenges, they start with virtually no movement at all. Yet the process works just the same for them. In time the movements become free and flowing.

    BTW: I like your mantra very much and I will add it to the list (with the proper acknowledgement of course :-))

    Try level 3 as a Brahma Kumaris Monk, I guarantee you will get ANAZING insights. This
    is because you are already so close to the light.

    Go to the little hut while doing the Level 3 and make sure to keep a notepad
    by your side. I promise you it will be a treat!

    I too love the Raja Yoga meditation. I was introduced to this meditation by
    Brahma Kumaris Anthony (who is now in Greece). He is a Soul Brother of
    mine, we instantly recognised each other. This was about 20 years ago! I
    recorded the meditation for the Brahma Kumaris (they were in Redfern in those days).

    I have great respect and love for your order. You are all light beings of the Supreme Being.

    Thank you for writing


  10. yes. we are all children of the one father. you must've been introduced to raja yoga by brother anthony strano. he has written a few books and produced meditation commentaries. he is known for his soothing yet intellectual style. he is well known BK. the path takes good committment(i.e. early morning hours, other sacrifices such as veg. food and pure lifestyle) but is all done with love for the divine. i really enjoy this path and my mum is also in it too. but i have some issues(i.e. trauma) to deal with that were there before i joined BK, that are dealt with in your videos.

  11. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for coming up with the "reboot your brain" system.I have done the entire set 4 times in the last week and i am astounded by the buzzed feeling it creates in me.Its all good and my head feels like it is floating on my shoulders.I dont know how else to describe it.You are very generous and kind in keeping it free for all who want to enhance their life.

    I have loved all your other EFT videos as well and use the Ho'opponopono everday.Its beautiful and so loving.

    Thank you for all Your gifts.

    Love and hugs,

  12. Me too! Absolutely it's so easy, it's too easy! What's happening? Things that used to bother me so much don't matter any more. You are a genius.

  13. Hello Karishma and Anonymous. I really feel privileged to be able to make these products. I am now working on a new project. I was inspired to do this after receiving an E-mail from Preeti Roy a talented EFT practitioner http://www.preetiroy.com I know this new product is going to be awesome.

    As for it being free. I have been blessed with the opportunity of taking up a path that has led me to the discovery of who I really am. All that I have received on this pathway has been free and lovingly offered. So I am doing the same with my brothers and sisters.

    Have a miraculous day


  14. Dear Alex,

    I have doing the "reboot your brain" system 4 times in the last week.I cant explain the effects in the verbal sense but i am sooo addicted(can use that word)to it.I feel great and it seems like my body is feeling younger than before(that takes a lot of work otherwise).I love it!!!!

    I couldnt adjust to the sounds in the level.3 in the beginning but now it seems it does'nt effect me at all.My children have done the "energy Tap dance" with me,and find it fun to do.

    You have been very generous with all the "free gifts" that you have made available for everyone on your website.Thanks sooo much for all of them.

    On a personal note,i have been doing the "E.F.T and Ho'oponopono Meditation' since i started working(i had self-confidence issue,sometimes i still feel that),but it helped me sail through.

    I dont know how i can thank you for that.Your healing abilities transcends the Net as well.

    Thank you and bless you,

    Hugs and love,

    Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance C.Y.I.)
    Yoga kids Instructor ( C.Y.K.T.)
    EFT Practitioner ( AAMET, Level 3 )

  15. Thank you Wendy for this lovely story. It made my day!

    Dear Alex you are the boy on the beach

    The Star Fish

    Based on the story by Loren Eisley...
    I awoke early, as I often did, just before sunrise to walk by the ocean's edge and greet the new day. As I moved through the misty dawn, I focused on a faint, far away motion.

    I saw a youth, bending and reaching and flailing arms, dancing on the beach, no doubt in celebration of the perfect day soon to begin.

    As I approached, I sadly realized that the youth was not dancing to the bay, but rather bending to sift through the debris left by the night's tide, stopping now and then to pick up a starfish and then standing, to heave it back into the sea. I asked the youth the purpose of the effort.

    "The tide has washed the starfish onto the beach and they cannot return to the sea by themselves," the youth replied. "When the sun rises, they will die, unless I throw them back to the sea."

    As the youth explained, I surveyed the vast expanse of beach, stretching in both directions beyond my sight.

    Starfish littered the shore in numbers beyond calculation. The hopelessness of the youth's plan became clear to me and I countered, "But there are more starfish on this beach than you can ever save before the sun is up. Surely you cannot expect to make a difference."

    The youth paused briefly to consider my words, bent to pick up a starfish and threw it as far as possible. Turning to me he simply said, "I made a difference to that one."

    I left the boy and went home, deep in thought of what the boy had said. I returned to the beach and spent the rest of the day helping the boy throw starfish in to the sea.

  16. Dear Alex,

    Thank you for these amazing gifts to the world. I have been appreciating and following for a couple of years now, your EFT and Ho oponopono tap alongs and shared them with many friends.

    I was amazed and wonderfully surprised to find these 'reboot' brain wave vibration videos recently! After trying them out several times I am thrilled to share them with all those who may be interested as an incredibly powerful tool for transformation. Particularly the level three reboot process feels unbelievable as the sound track has vibrations that 'seem out of this world' :-)

    By transforming ourselves we transform the world we exist in! In the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi " Be the change you wish to see"

    This reboot process is so simple yet it's effects feel so profound and far reaching. Certainly as a student of yoga and energy medicine, myself I can see the immense benefits of activating the 'reptilian brain' our most primitive brain.




    Dear Traveler in the Light
    Your loving wisdom ignites a flight
    An awareness of Peaceful Bliss
    How can one ever thank you for all of this...

    My wide open heart is just a singing (la la la...)
    Embracing the Loving Caring you are bringing
    As I dwell upon this piece of Heaven
    That your generous gift has given

    May all Beings whom you connect to with Love
    Anchor you further to your Heavenly Father above
    May you keep on shining your Brilliant Unique Flame
    Unto us all, in this joyous Life Game

    Thank you for all you do...
    Thank you just for "being" YOU.. :-)

    Love and Gratitude...
    Preeti ;-)

  17. Preeti, you are too kind. Thank you for the poem it is very much appreciated. I note that you have produced some very beautiful EFT meditations. I love your website http://www.preetiroy.com/ well done!

  18. Alex,

    Please let me add my great thanks for your incredible work. Yours is my go-to site as I stumble out of my morning coma!

    Never fails me.

    The best gift I have for friends is to send them to your site. You are doing THE work!

    Thank you, thank you.


  19. I suffered a accident with the results of spinal injury that left neuropathic pain that will not stop. I have been on medication for pain for five years. I have suffered from anxiety due to lack of sleep from pain. I am not able to take pain medication because it interfears with heart function. I have been using Energy Healing to deal with the stress and pain that has worked a bit.
    Your video I am excited about. I went in search of meditation for anxiety and you came up. I am so thankful you did. Last night I was able to stop a panic anxiety attack and actually sleep a solid six hours.
    That has not happened in five years.
    The tap dance reminds me of when I was able to belly dance. Oh I like this as I have not been able to. Maybe, just maybe I will be able to dance again.
    Thank you for your love to the suffering of people.

  20. Mehlisue hi!

    What an amazingly brave and noble soul you are.

    You have the right to complain and to be angry with life. Instead, you show the composure and nobility of a wise being.

    I stand in awe of you. I know that Source Energy loves you and that there is a plausible good reason why all these things have happened to you.

    I also know that you have come into my consciousness for a reason.

    I can assure you of one thing, not one day will go by without my including you in my prayers and hopefully in the prayers of all those who read this note.

    In my eyes I see you dancing and skipping and tap dancing and hula hopping. I see you whole, healthy, joyous and aligned with the Creator.


  21. Sincere congratulations and gratitude!
    I shall come back after I have seen the videos...


  22. Alex,
    I want to thank you for your beautiful gift and your giving. Interesting how I am connecting with your videos. I found your site through a search of Hooponopono and I watched and worked with some of your videos and they are amazing! I already have been a fan of EFT, so I dived in. I immediately felt lifted but as the days went on I still felt some challenges and then last night I was praying for some relief and I realized anxiety was challenging me again and asked arch-angel Michael to assist me in relieving the mind chatter and fear. I turned on the computer and there were your reboot your brain videos, and Wow I did level 3 first then 2 felt some relief and went on to sleep. I awoke and still felt challenged and went to do video and there was energy tap dance... this is the ticket for me. I know I need movement in my life but the resistance but with the help of angels I am so excited about the work. And even the world peace chant; it feels so wonderful to do. I love it.
    Even though I have suffered through mood swings, and ups and downs I am grateful to have searched for self healing tools, to help myself become happier and stronger, and learn how to serve more and to earn a living, create prosperity and honor my inner artist. The beautiful Divine Creator leads me to work like this and people like you who are incredibly creative, innovative, sharing, and powerful, it inspires me to keep going, going for my dreams, and aspire to be a blessing for others. I Love You, Thank You!

  23. Hello!

    I noticed that Guides and Beings of Light are using these tools quite a lot to help their people--for me that is a great honour and validation.

    You are an expression of Source Energy here on earth. You are Higher Intelligence evolving, it is no wonder that you are attracting good things in your life at the moment.

    I have started a new project called Source Healing, it is a free support site for people who want to learn Source Healing. This is your invitation to participate if you resonate with the idea :-)

  24. Hello!

    I stumbled across this site just yesterday after what has been an amazing two months. For 10 years, I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression, feelings of exhaustion and aches and pains in my eyes, arms, legs and back. As a result, it is very difficult for me to do the things I love, such as dancing, singing, writing with a pen and painting.

    For the last two months I've spent every spare moment in front of the mirror saying 'I love you' to myself and my body and to everyone who has ever hurt me in the past and caused me to break down. This has lifted my mood, connected me with my angels and guides and helped me have a better relationship with my family. But the most amazing thing is that I am attracting towards me things that can heal me, such as brain entrainment programs and chakra healing techniques. I've met people who are of a higher vibration than me and am learning from them. This is probably how I have found myself here.

    I tried this today and I have noticed that my breathing is much deeper. I have not taken more then tiny breaths in the last three years, so this is quite a miracle. It also makes me a little hot and flushed and dizzy. I am unable to do much of the tapping as my arms get tired and painful, but hopefully this should improve.

    I am writing a new age novel, and there is a lot about energy and vibration. As I learn more about this stuff, I can spread the word.

    Keep spreading the light, brother, and wish me luck in my healing journey. Much love to you.

    Harmony x

  25. :-) Well looks like your Guides have been working hard with you!

    I am a traveller on the path, like you. The more you realise who you really are and the more splendid and joyous your life will be.

    You can learn Source Healing for free at my new site http://healingcourse.ning.com/?xgi=44e8kkSS7nSw0e

    It is by invitation only and each application takes a tiny bit to be processed.

    I wish you a miraculous day!

    :-) Alex

  26. Alex
    Found your site yesterday and want to thank you for the work you have done!...I too have had a chronic condition for almost 10 years...and am in the process of healing now with some spiritual growth and the help of mind body energy techniques like Bodytalk and Reiki...Actually did read the book Brain Wave Vibration 2 years ago and identified with the approach... because I knew I was suffering from the brainstem related condition you discuss (whether from past injury or stress-related)...But I was never able to put it ALL together until discovering your site yesterday...I am very grateful !

  27. Alex, there is not a day goes by that I don't count my blessings for having found you! Your EFT Ho'oponopono meditations saved my life, of that I have no doubt.... Its a daily ritual and pleasure that I just cannot do without nd so look forward to... I never thought it was possible to cry so much in those first few months.... now I just marvel at how much I smile!! Bless you for doing what you do! Rie

  28. thank you thank you thank you !!! good job

  29. Why is it so good and why is it free? LOL

  30. Hello Alex
    I'd like to thank you again and also I'd like to congratulate you for your beautiful model ( Bronwyn )and thank her for doing great job for all of as

    have a wonderful day

  31. Hello Alex, i suffer from anxiety, not diagnosed by doctors, but i read about it and as far as i can see it is anxiety. i don/t wanna take any pils, that are on the market, i'm quite suspicios about them. Can i be treat naturaly, with this technics? I would realy like to, because my life is a leaving hell, i'm just tired to fight with these fear...

  32. Dear Alex,

    wow, I love your site. Although I hold always some resistence in moving my body, or doing some exercise on a regular basis - it was fun doing your tapping dance. Thanks a lot. I also like your vision board site, the self-esteem video and of course all the videos of the reboot your brain site. Really lovely.
    Big hug,

  33. Dear Carol, the reason why you intuitively mistrust therapy is because you have not yet connected with the correct medical therapist. Your intuition then causes you to feel unsure.
    The right way to correct this is to ask Source Energy (the creative intelligence that is in you, is you and is all around you) to cause you to find the right medical therapist. All healing is self-healing and all healing is an expression of Creative Intelligence, it really does not matter whether the healing comes from belief in a pill or belief in alternative healing--it is all healing.

    The reboot process will have beneficial effects but it is not intended to replace conventional treatment--it works beautifully with conventional treatment.
    If you accept the suggestions offered, your health will improve and not just your mental health.
    Also accept the fact that you are an intuitive person, intuitive people often will register thoughts belonging to other people and energies that surround them. At present there is a disproportionate quantity of negative energy in the areas where you live (feat, anxiety, depression, anger). You will register all of these and unfortunately make them your own.
    You can prove the veracity of what I am stating, by visiting a country location where there are few people. You will immediately sense a feeling of peace.

    I wish you a miraculous day!

    :-) Alex

  34. Hell Anonymous, I know you and I see you! Thank you for your Kind words.

  35. i love the vidios you have offered, after doing the level three, or the one with the funky music my kids would say. i have noticed that right after i start having rapid eye movements i feel so wonderful, i don't want to move from my computer i just want to stay there, take in as much as i can. As my eyes move i feel like i am above my chair and my feet aren't on the floor, even though they are. i can not get enought of this feeling, i have always been a very spirtial and religous person, well for the past ten years. i feel God led me to this site, because i was letting post pardom depression get the best of me. know i feel like there is nothing i cannot do or nothing that could scare me. i feel above this world, and i don't know if that is good, but that is how i feel. i was also told i had fibromaylga two years ago. ever time i do the videos i feel that, that is taken from me, it comes back but for a little while my body dosent ache, for me that is amazing because i am not on any drugs for my fybro. this has become my drug. thanks again

  36. Hello! I am glad that the video is helping you. These videos are not meant to replace medical treatment--but they work beautifully in conjunction with treatment by a qualified physician. It is good that you are getting results, but I urge you to visit your doctor and explain what you have been doing to help yourself. There are many doctors today who understand the value of holistic medicine, choose yours from that list and enjoy a life free of pain. The body was created perfect and to deliver us a quality experience here on earth right to its expiry date. Wherever possible buy organically grown food and drink lots of water. :-)

  37. Hi Alex, I have had chronic fatigue for years and have tried everything. I'm in a relapse and found your site and after trying 2 videos feel happy,energized and hopeful again. You are an amazing person.Thank you so much. MP

  38. Hello Anontmous,

    It is good because you allow it to be good. I prescribe to the notions that there is a Higher Intelligence who created us who is always "willing to give" and that results are only limited by our "willingness to receive".

    This willingness to receive is determined primarily by our brain's pathways and receptors. If receptors for worthiness exists, you will feel worthy. If they do not exist, you will never be able to feel worthy.

    Fortunately the brain is very plastic and can be be reprogrammed. The Ancients have left many tools with which to do so. The reboot your brain is one of them.

    It is free because this is how it was given to me. It was given to me with love and free of charge by Higher Intelligence. All I am doing it passing it on.

    I know that there are many merchants today who are peddling regurgitated information. They are who they are and they do what they do.

    I am who I am and I prefer working with the Light the way I feel it was always intended for the benefit of all.

    Let me know what "good" means to you. Let me know your experiences. These are likely to encourage others.

    If you are a giving type of person consider learning Source Healing at

    I wish you a miraculous day!

    :-) Alex

  39. Hi Alex, thanks mate, this was awesome, i am still floating,I have been reading your comments, so is this something that we must continue to do on a regular basis, thanks, happy alignment, Juanita

  40. Hey Alex thanx for the vids.

    You say they dont replace meds, thats true,
    but when you feels sick and wait weeks, and docs only say
    "we found nothing", go to next doc,
    then thank you for your vids.

  41. Thank you so much for passing this knowledge on! Your gifts have made huge differences in my life in the way I feel mentally. God has definitely lead mope to your information for a good reason so I p,an on making the best of if. Thank you so much and i really hope everything you want comes true for you. Take care and god bless you!

  42. Hello! Thanks for the kind words. You may want to try my new video meditation the Miracle Healing Prayer. The audio recording is not as good as it is a direct recording of a live session I conducted recently--but the content is very powerful.

    I wish you a miraculous day!

    :-) Alex

  43. Dear Alex

    i have been using your programs now for 3 weeks and its amazing. i have been ill since april 2011 and i was very very much tired all the time. but now i can do all the normal things i did before and with this program i think i can go to work again.
    you have d open a magical door to me by presenting this sessions.
    i have also been watching other videos of other sources but you are the best. specially i think because of your intention
    i wish i had found this videos long time ago .
    i can not say how grateful i am.

    i wish you and you r friends all the best


    i wish you and you r friend all the best.

  44. I believe your video has helped me with dealing with a difficult emotional situation... i tried two of your videos one day... i was terribly sad, anxious and upset about an issue going on in my family life... but this was an issue i have no control over, so there was an aspect of rehashing the issue over and over and being angry over and over, and i was stuck in this loop that i couldn't get out of, even though i wanted too. I have had much luck with EMDR and rolfing in the past, so i wanted to try something that involved the body, because it seems these things, emotions whatnot stay trapped in the body and brain..
    Anywho, i tried it and did feel better, but the next day, i was quite happy and able to deal with the issue with forgiveness.. AWESOME.. I will work with this more, to see if i can't do more reprogramming, and healing. Thank You! HAK

  45. Thanks Alex - I've just done it once and I can already feel GREAT!
    I'm sure GREAT Results will folllow. THANK YOU!!


    Keep up the GREAT work.

  46. Hello Alex, I tried to join your Google Group but was unable. Is it still active?

  47. I just started working on re-booting and have one question so far- do I keep my eyes closed at all times during the rebooting session?

  48. I can't come up with a short mantra to address my dizziness and other dysautonomy symptoms. Do yo u have any suggestions?
    Thank you

  49. Hello Alex, I just stumbled upon your site and did the exercises for levels 1 and 2. How is the protocol supposed to work? I would do the 1st level for 3 times a day, and then when would i move to level 2 and then level 3? Like do I do the 1st level 3 times a day for let's say 2 weeks and then move onto level 2? Or does it not matter and I can switch it up whenever? Just wondering what the recommended protocol is on when to move onto different levels as is was not explained on the site? Many blessings to you for creating this site :)


  50. As soon as I began the Energy Tap Dance I began to cry, so I know it works for me because crying is cathartic (cleansing). When I cry, I am aware that old traumatic energy is being shed, so old traumatic energy was being shed while I did this dance: This is great. Thank you.

  51. Hello. I am having awesome results using all the reboot programmes. I love the longer length level 3, especially. My brain is turning like a perfect wheel now and I have energy, happy feelings and joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Paula :)

  52. hello Alex,
    first of all thanks for creating these amazing yet simple techniques and even went further and made them freely available to all. thanks again.

    the energy tap dance is really powerful. at first i was quite skeptical, not taking your recommendation time for practicing the energy tap dance. i did it at around 7 pm and ended up finding myself energetic and couldn't sleep for the whole night!! thus it further convinced me of the power of these techniques and they are for real.

    one question please, on your description page you wrote a bit about personal energy level and motivation and friends. may i know what kind of energy are you talking about? spiritual? physical? or something like a personal magnetism? can you pls explain a bit what it does? or maybe direct me to some resources on this subject? thank you!!

    KniGht yOnder

  53. Hi Alex, lately I've been reading books like "ask and it is given" and "Tapping the healer within". Brilliant books i might ad. The book "ask and it is given" explains about us and the universe all being vibration/energy and it explains how your thoughts can give you everything whether wanted or not. Although it teaches you how to get rid off your bad thoughts by thinking good thoughts and always try to feel great feel great. I found it difficult to do this.

    Some how some way I started searching the internet for no particular and found your site. I immediately tried level 3 and afterwards felt amazingly well. The best way I can discribe it is that my mind thoughts felt CLEAN!

    So far I only done level 3 three times and each time the feeling lasts longer. I do it at night before bed and allways have a great refreshing sleep.

    In the book "Tapping the healer within" the teach you tapping points on the body. Is this what we are also doing in level 3. If not maybe you could combine that in another level.

    Thanks Alex i'm going to use it every night now and can't wait what will happen next. Great stuff

  54. Hi ,

    I am suffering from anxiety and panic attacks from past five years.

    Can you guide me how to follow these exercises

  55. Hello Alex, i want to know, when should I move from level one to level two.

  56. I've just found out about these videos a few days ago and my brain feels clean after the practicing video 1,2, and 3.
    I haven't done the energy tap dance yet cause I haven't found anyone one to do with me.
    I can't wait till to this video and see the result. I love them all...Thanks!

  57. Hello! Thanks a lot for your effort in helping us!

    I have one question, there are 3 levels for the videos, which one should we go with?
    Is that in the beginning I should use level 1 and then slowly progress! Is it not too good if I used level 3 directly? Thanks for answering!

  58. Hi I do this at Dahn Yoga, have you done dahn yoga? I love BWV

  59. You are truly a Godsend. If one has had a long term chronic pain, depression, anxiety issue unless you come from a wealthy family or have a secret mattress stuffed with money no one will help you, you get broke quick and feel ever more desperate and alone...but you did help, you did, for free and with love:) Thanks you!

  60. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you .this is great effort and a great effect it work from the first time ,there was agreat sensation agreat passion a great vibrations elivated my energy and joy at the same time this is like magic , and better coz it's greater when you discover your enner power.thank you as long as i keep saying thank you it would not enough so thank you from here to the moon :)

  61. I get a lot of mail asking about what mantras are what are the best mantras for the "reboot your brain" videos.

    In brief, a mantra is a borrowed oriental term for "statement". This statement is repeated over and over again during spiritual and motivational exercises. The purpose of the mantra is to create a focus point. It also works at energy level by building momentum. There is also evidence to suggest that a mantra that has been used by a spiritual master or other accomplished person carries a certain degree of power.

    For this reason many students will use the mantras of their teachers. Also scholars use mantras or words from biblical times. One example is Kabbalah which has many power words. These words derive the power from the collective belief of previous students.

    I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the key component of the power of a mantra is "belief". That is the more people who believe in the "mantra" and the more powerful it is. At the same time if you personally have no belief in the mantra than it does not matter how many other people believe in it--it will do nothing for you.

    For this reason it is important that the mantra you choose is a word or an expression that resonates with you and that you find pleasing.

    The easiest way to create your own mantra is to ask yourself "what is the most urgent challenge I need to deal with right now?". Deal with what is urgent and important and your mantra will be most effective.

    The next important thing to remember is to use one word or a very short phrase that is rhythmic and pleasing to the ear. The longer the mantra and the less effective it becomes.

    Example: Let us say that you are experiencing some serious financial concerns. You ask yourself the question and the answer is "I have run out of money"

    The solution for this challenge would be "Receive more money" we can create a powerful mantra by using the word "wealth". As we recite the mantra we focus on the feelings of wealth and on the well being feeling that we get when we are wealthy.

    Using a mantra "Uncle Jo left me a million dollars" or "I found a suitcase full of money" "I am entitled to more money and I welcome more money" is not an effective mantra. It is too wordy and too long and also causes your conscious "monkey" mind to reply with "Really? Who are you kidding!" The monkey mind will find it more difficult to challenge the mantra "wealth". This is because you are not making claims to anything you are merely focusing on the energy of wealth.

    Never use a negative for a mantra "I am not poor" or "no more poverty" are terrible mantras because they cause you to focus on the word "poverty" this means that more poverty will come :-)

    The most important test for the mantra is to note how you feel when you recite it. If it leaves you cold and indifferent than there is no energy to that mantra. If you sense that "something is not right" then work on an new expression. Remember the wording must be pleasing to the ear and to the heart and to your mind and it must not cause your monkey mind to chatter.

    Once you have your mantra, work it as often as possible, during down times, or when it is safe to do so. Mantras can be used outside spiritual activities and you do not need to be in a "zen" state in order to get benefits from the mantra.

    I know there are millions of articles and books on "mantra". Personally I believe that the simpler and the less complicated the mantra the more efficient it is. It is a human thing to complicate the logical--avoid doing that. This short article contains all you need to know to create a powerful mantra you can use with the reboot your brain videos.



  62. Thank you so much ;)

  63. Thanks, my brain was on fire after a burnout in february (8 months later I find the video...), and this has helped calm it down after using the video for a month, my neck is no longer a tight knot and I almost feel human again! I can definitly recommend people that have had a severe brunout to use this along with their other exercises.

  64. Thank you for all ou have share. I follow you since 2013 and i find you again. Thanks

  65. Thank you. I found this videos 2012, and I feel better using "reboot you brain", because at that year I was in trouble. Now, I look for this videos again, I think those are amazing!! Thank you again.