Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome to Reboot Your Brain

Thank you for visiting. Please use this blog to let me know your experiences with the Reboot Your Brain Process. Your comments will help me plan new products and make the currrent ones even better (as if that was possible :-)).

The reaction to these simple yet powerful processes has been phenomenal. In just a few days since launching our website we have experienced over 30,000 downloads.

Prior to launching the products online I "experiemented" rebooting the brains of my patient and generous friends who agreed to test the process for me.

Some of these friends are left-brained scientifically minded people, sceptical even of their own scientfic findings. Yet not one tester came back to me with a "no result" finding.

I believe this process to be one of the greatest self-help tool available today.

Thank you